The last ordered Boeing 777-300ER Emirates was delivered

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On 13 December 2018, at 190 Boeing 777-300ER Emirates was delivered, the last order of this range. This is the aircraft registered A6-EPQ.

Emirates has the largest fleet of 777-300ER aircraft worldwide. 1 from 8 777-300ER aircraft manufactured by Boeing was delivered to Emirates.

The latest Boeing 777-300ER Emirates

At the same time, Emirates is the only air carrier that has had all 6 triple-seven versions manufactured to date.


But the partnership between Emirates and Boeing will continue with future deliveries, which include new generation aircraft: 777-8 and 777-9.

The first Boeing 777-300ER Emirates was delivered in March 2005. 13 years later, the number reached 190, and the Boeing 777-300ER became the core of the Emirates fleet. The average age of 777-300ER Emirates aircraft is only 6.5 years old.

From 1996 and to date, aircraft Boeing 777 Emirates they carried over 350 million passengers, they honored over 1,28 million flights and they crossed over 6.6 billion miles.


Several important milestones in the development of the Boeing 777 Emirates aircraft fleet

  • In June 1996, Emirates received the first Boeing 777 in the fleet. It was a classic Boeing 777-200, indicative of A6-EMD;
  • In June 2003, Emirates placed an order for 26 of 777-300ER Boeing aircraft worth 5.6 billion;
  • In March 2005, Emirates received the first Boeing 777-300ER in the fleet;
  • In 2009, Emirates is recognized as the world's largest carrier of Boeing 777 aircraft;
  • In November 2013, Emirates makes history by placing a record order for 150 of Boeing 777X aircraft;
  • In October 2014, Emirates receives 100-Boeing 777-300ER aircraft;
  • In September 2015, Emirates receives 150 Boeing 777 aircraft;
  • Starting with the moon November 2016, Emirates began to receive the new upgraded Boeing 777-300ER, which also came equipped with new business seats.
  • In November 2017, Emirates unveils new Boeing 777 interiors, including First Class apartments.
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