The mask becomes mandatory on the plane. Decision taken by several airlines.

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The COVID-19 pandemic reached its 5th month. Billions of people are still isolated again travel restrictions are still active in most countries and territories on Earth. Airlines, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants, which are severely affected by the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, are looking for solutions to relaunch travel and mass tourism.

Alarms have been sounded since March, but governments and authorities have completely ignored them. The past few days have been the first video conferences on tourism in Europe, and Mr. Lucian Bode (Minister of Transport) told in an interview on PRO TV about how to travel by plane after May 14th.

The mask becomes mandatory on the plane

Most airlines have begun to take measures for the safety and protection of employees and passengers. They want to apply the rules of social distance on the ground and on the plane. And the mask must be mandatory during all trips.

Lufthansa Group with its airlines (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, Brussels Airlines + subsidiaries), Wizz Air, American Airlines, Delta Air lines, United Airlines, JetBlue, Frontier, AirAsia, Emirates, KLM, Czech Airlines and many others have already announced measures for passenger health and safety.

Both cabin crew and passengers will be required to wear masks. The decision will be temporary in most cases, in theory until 31.08.2020.

At the same time, taking the temperature will be something usual from the entrance to the airport to the destination. Any suspicion of COVID-19 symptoms may lead to the passenger being denied boarding.

Emirates, for example, decided to test the passengers for detecting cases of COVID-19. It is another special measure that can contribute to the resumption of commercial passenger flights.

And we will have to strictly observe the minimum rules of hygiene. It would be good if the disinfecting gel is not missing from the hand luggage, reduced to a purse / laptop bag / bag. And where possible, gloves.

It's still being talked about rules and travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. And in the end, it's not so bad to wear masks. They can also protect us from pollution. How do you consider this measure?

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