The new Canon EOS 7D Mark II has arrived in Romania

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The new Canon EOS 7D Mark II, the DSLR built to capture the action where others cannot, has officially launched in Romania. The Canon EOS 7D mark II is a completely customizable and very fast camera, which guarantees that you will never miss an expression, a move or a moment. The first-class performance of the iconic EOS 7D and the technologies used in the creation of the EOS-1D X were two key elements that underpin the construction of this revolutionary camera, made for speed, with extreme power and performance, giving freedom to enthusiastic photographers to it captures a world in constant motion.

The new device came into the hands of passionate action and sports photographers during an event where not only the speed limits but also the product specifications were tested.

Petronius Secareanu, General Manager Canon Romania: “The new Canon EOS 7D Mark II is a revolutionary product, designed for photographers eager to capture the action, especially because it excels in high-speed situations and beyond. Today we launched the challenge of trying this camera and observing the features through photos that capture memorable moments around us. We invite any photography enthusiast to do the same in the coming months. ”

The EOS 7D Mark II excels in high-speed situations and photographs with an amazing number of 10 images per second, at maximum resolution, thanks to a new shutter and mirror mechanism, with 2 independent engines, with a very long lifetime, of about 200.000 triggers and together with the 65 cross-point AF system and the two DIGIC 6 processors, set a new benchmark for electrifying speed and power.
The main features of the product include:

1. Permanent focus, regardless of the speed of movement: the EOS 7D Mark II camera performs ten complete 20,2 megapixel captures in a single second and with autofocus tracking the subject remains clear if it passes through the frame;
2. Excellent image quality: The 20,2 megapixel sensor of the EOS 7D Mark II camera allows the production of exhibition-quality printed materials that can be displayed anywhere and captures many details in each photo, even under poor lighting conditions;
3. Custom controls: from the shooting controls and focus system to the viewfinder, all can be completely customized according to the needs of each user, having full control when it comes to pressing the shutter button;
4. Versatility: The Canon EOS 7D Mark II has a weatherproof and shock resistant body. In addition, with the built-in GPS system, it allows you to tag photos depending on where you are;
5. Making Movies: With Canon EOS 7D Mark II, you can record both fast action and slow motion movements in Full HD. It can also be simplified to make movies using the autofocus feature, made possible by AF CMOS Dual Pixel technology.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II is compatible with a wide range of EOS lenses and accessories. Thus, any photography enthusiast can customize their kit according to the specific way of working, obtaining extraordinary results.

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