Official: Production of Boeing 747 aircraft will stop in 2022 (Video)

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For those who are passionate about airplanes, we don't have great news. Boeing has confirmed that it will abandon aircraft production Boeing 747. According to the current production plan, the latest Boeing 747 will be produced and delivered in 2022.

On July 29, 2020, Boeing announced a loss of $ 2,3 billion in Q2 2020 and lower production rates for more models, including Boeing 787 and 777.

Bye bye Boeing 747!

And now let's go back to the famous Boeing 747, also known as Jumbo Jet or Queen of the Skies. Unfortunately, 4-engine aircraft are beginning to be phased out of operational service. The latest Boeing 747 for passengers was delivered in 2015 to Lufthansa. And the 747-8F freight model has no more orders.

The first commercial flight of a Boeing 747

And, naturally, Boeing will remove the 747 from its portfolio. The new 747-8i / 747-8F did not live up to expectations, and Boeing's estimates turned out to be wrong. Even if commercial aviation was on an upward trend until 2020, large 4-engine aircraft have not found their place.

The Boeing 747 will stop in 2022
Boeing 747 se va opri în 2022
The Boeing 747 will stop in 2022
Boeing 747 se va opri în 2022

And in the cargo area, the commercial operators leaned more towards variants with 2 engines. Boeing currently has 15 747-8F aircraft to produce.

Boeing 747, a legend, 50 years since the first flight!

The end of production of the 747 aircraft will end the 50-year history of the jumbo jet. The first Boeing 747 left the Everett factory, Washington, USA in 1968.

The Boeing 747 will stop in 2022

We remind you that British Airways and Qantas have eliminated 747 aircraft from their fleets. There are currently 110 Boeing 747 (400 / 8i) aircraft in commercial service. Lufthansa remains the largest operator of Boeing 747 passenger aircraft, with 19 x 747-8i and 8 x 747-400. And UPS has the largest fleet of Boeing 747 aircraft dedicated to freight: 13 x 747-400F and 15 x 747-8F.

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