Timișoara will have a train line from East Station to Traian Vuia Airport, Timișoara.

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The project for the railway connection between the Eastern Railway Station in Timişoara and the Traian Vuia International Airport in Timişoara, approved on Wednesday, in the Government meeting, the value of the investment being approx. 400 million lei, according to the information published by the Executive.

It is a train line with a length of 5 kilometers that will connect the national railway network of CFR Infrastructura and Timișoara Airport, both the administrator of the train lines and the airport being subordinate to the Ministry of Transport. The duration of execution is 22 months.

The approval of the technical-economic indicators is the last stage before launching the tender for the execution of the works.

"DRAFT GOVERNMENT DECISION for the approval of the technical-economic indicators of the investment objective "Building a railway connection with the Traian Vuia Timişoara International Airport" public utility work of national interest" - the agenda of the Government meeting on Wednesday, January 18, informs timisoarastiri.ro.

The railway line from Traian Vuia International Airport in Timișoara will allow the transport of passengers to the municipality of Timișoara as well as to other cities in Romania. Construction works will be carried out on new railway lines on the connection to the Traian Vuia International Airport, respectively the railway signaling installations on the existing line will be modernized and new railway installations will be built for the connection with the airport, states the Ministry of Transport.

The realization of a railway connection with Traian Vuia International Airport in Timișoara contributes to:

– the development and expansion of air transport links with other modes of transport by interconnecting the airport with the entire railway network of Romania and with the European transport network TEN-T, as well as the connection with urban transport modes.

- attracting as many passengers as possible from the neighboring towns on the railway transport, etc.", states the Foundation Note.

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