Transylvania Airport has set a new record for air traffic volume

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Transilvania Airport Târgu Mureș in the first part of the year 2012, the period between 1 January 2012 and 30 April 2012, a new record regarding the volume of air traffic with 924 aircraft movements and a number of 83.788 passengers.

Reported at the same time of year 2011, when only 540 aircraft movements and a number of 21.946 passengers were performed, the volume of air traffic achieved during the first four months of the year 2012 represents an increase of 71,11% of the number of aircraft movements and 381,79% of the number of passengers. This new record allows for a cautious estimate of 2012 year-round air traffic, 3.300 aircraft movements and a number of 370.000 passengers, compared to 3.148 aircraft movements and 256.762 passengers recorded in the 2011 year.

The performance measures taken by Transilvania Târgu Mureș Airport Management in achieving the technical conditions and the superior airport services were doubled by the initiative of direct collaborations with the air operators and tour operators in ensuring competitive tourist services and improving the business climate.

These aspects underpin the increase in the volume of air traffic that exceeds the target of air traffic by 362.000 passengers, imposed in the strategy of realizing the Service of General Economic Interest (SIEG) for the year 2012. At the same time, they support the evolution in the profitability of the airport activity, until the year 2016, when it is expected to reach 1.000.000 of passengers, target that will eliminate all the subsidies of funds from the budget of Mures county.

The management of Transylvania Airport Târgu Mureș has the immediate completion of the negotiations with new air operators and tour operators with which to efficiently exploit the potential of the served area and to take advantage of the financing requests necessary to put into practice the airport's development projects regarding the extension of the runway, the realization of the area. cargo and the multimodal platform.

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