The storm in Turkey killed a tourist! Dozens of flights were affected!

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Strong storms in Turkey have caused significant damage in Istanbul and some Turkish resorts. The local press reported the death of at least 6 people, one of whom turned out to be a tourist, and another 52 people were injured.

The wind had a gust of even 130 km / h. The force of the wind was so strong that in the Chataldja area, it managed to knock down the clock tower and many other damage was recorded. The Bosphorus Strait was closed to navigation. Strong winds have disrupted air traffic. More than 30 planes were unable to land at Istanbul's airports. Currently, air traffic is difficult. Strong winds are still felt in Istanbul.

The storm also hit Izmir, where strong winds reached gusts of up to 110 km / h. Huge waves flooded the shore. Even in the Karshiyaka area, the road and the tram line flooded. The waves were up to 10 meters high, according to eyewitnesses.

In total, weather warnings were issued for 52 unfavorable regions in Turkey. The storm "passed" over the entire Black Sea. Including in the area Wind gusts have been reported in Constanța, Romania and an orange storm code was issued.

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