Turkish police have seized more than 2000 liters of counterfeit alcohol dedicated to Antalya hotels!

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Even criminals are preparing for the opening of the 2022 summer season in Turkish resorts. Turkish police have launched a large-scale search campaign for counterfeit alcohol producers and suppliers, which has begun to make its presence felt in the Antalya area.

Turkish police have recently seized 2000 liters of counterfeit alcohol. The goods were found in a truck that was stopped at a routine check. Earlier, law enforcement officers, the zonal police department for combating smuggling and organized crime, received information that counterfeit alcohol will be delivered to the resort, which will even be delivered to hotels.

Police stopped the truck on the D-650 highway in the Doshemealti area of ​​Chubukli Mahallesi and confiscated 2000 liters of counterfeit alcohol during a search. The driver was detained. The source of the forgery is being clarified.

In the current financial crisis, expensive imported alcoholic beverages are regularly replaced by counterfeit products of unknown quality, often simply life-threatening. They are often found in large quantities. For example, in September last year, 498 liters of counterfeit alcoholic beverages were confiscated in a hotel near Manavgat resort. 

Pay attention to what drinks you consume during your holidays!

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