US Government authorizes ATR manufacturer to provide technical support for ATR 72-600 Iran Air aircraft

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Interesting information comes from across the ocean. The US Government authorizes ATR manufacturer to provide technical support to ATR 72-600 Iran Air aircraft.

This means that ATR can export parts, components, tools, software upgrades and technology necessary to ensure the safe operation of ATR 72-600 aircraft from the Iran Air fleet.

ATR will provide technical support to the ATR 72-600 aircraft in the Iran Air fleet

We remind you that the Trump administration has imposed an embargo on Iran in 2018. At the same time, White House officials have announced that they will take drastic measures against any Western company that provides Iran with any kind of products and services without the permission of the US Asset Control Center (OFAC).

In April 2019, ATR received approval from OFAC to support the ATR Iran Air fleet. But this decision came into force these days. This decision expires on 30 April 2021.

The Iranian carrier managed to buy 13 ATR 72-600 aircraft in 2016-2018, at a time when the Obama administration had lifted any restrictions on Iran. The firm order was from 20 of ATR 72-600 aircraft plus other 20 of optional aircraft. But in 2018, the Trump administration reviewed the decision and reinstated the embargo. Thus, ATR was unable to deliver to Iran Air and the other commanded aircraft.

It's okay because they got this approval. Thus, ATR aircraft can fly safely. I think you remember how hard it was for the Norwegian people to repair their 737 MAX 8, which was blocked in Iran for about 2 months. It's about here!

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