Ukraine has put Romania on the green list: no quarantine / isolation.

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Ukraine has updated the list of states with a high epidemiological risk. Currently, according to the assessment of the Ukrainian authorities, Romania is on the list of states with low epidemiological risk - green category. 

People arriving from a green state can enter the territory of Ukraine without having to go through a period of quarantine or self-isolation.

People traveling to Ukraine from a state in the red category

Persons arriving from a red state or who have been in a red state for the last 14 days and intend to travel to Ukraine must be quarantined for 14 days. As an alternative to quarantine, there is the option of self-isolation at home, if the person consents to this by registering in the application of the Government of Ukraine, "Active at home / Дій вдома"(a SIM card with a UA number + 380… is required to use the application.). 

During self-isolation, the person is obliged to be permanently in the place of isolation chosen and not to come into contact with persons other than those with whom he lives together. The control of self-isolation through the mobile application is performed by verifying the conformity of the photo of the person's face with the reference photo taken during the installation of the mobile application and the geolocation of the mobile phone at the time of shooting. If at any time after the installation of the application the person receives a notification must send a photo of the face through that application within a maximum of 15 minutes. 

In case of discrepancy between geolocation data and photography, if any lack of GSM signaldeleting the application from your mobile phone or from any other cause application malfunction, the competent authorities will be notified of the breach of the self-isolation obligation.

The following international border crossing points are open at the border with Romania

The following international border crossing points are open at the border with Romania: Halmeu / Dyakovo, Sighetu Marmației / Solotvino and Siret / Porubne.

Also, the traffic of goods and people was reopened through the border crossing points: Câmpulung la Tisa / Teresva, Valea Vişeului / Dilove, Plauru / Ismail, Periprava / Velkove, Chilia Veche / Kilia.

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