Ukrainian refugees have been evacuated from hotels on the Bulgarian coast!

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The Bulgarian authorities have decided to cut the subsidy for hotels hosting refugees from Ukraine and have also announced that they will evict them from hotels on the coast. The resorts on the Bulgarian coast are preparing to receive tourists who have already paid for their stays for the 2022 summer season.

Kalina Kostantinova, Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria: "Bulgaria can no longer afford to keep Ukrainian citizens in seaside hotels. From the very beginning, it was announced that this measure (of hotel accommodation - no.) Is temporary, in order to give them time to calm down and get back on their feet ”.

Kalina Kostantinova, Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria: "All those who are in hotels and say they have nowhere to go will be temporarily housed in the buffer centers in Sarafovo and Elhovo."

Asylum seekers were provided with asylum centers, but too few accepted. And so, more than 50 coaches arrived in Constanța County. There is also a queue at the Isaccea customs, a sign that many Ukrainians want to get home again, announces ProTV.

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, almost 300 Ukrainians have arrived in Bulgaria. More than 000 of them received temporary protection and shelter from the state in the neighboring country.

According to the Constanța Prefecture, so far the Romanian authorities on the Black Sea coast have not received accommodation requests from Ukrainians evacuated from Bulgarian hotels.

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