Wizz Air launches new luggage policy in Romania (photo / video)

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In August 2012, the low-cost operator Wizz Air tested a new cabin baggage policy. The experiment was conducted on flights between Katowice (Poland) and London Luton (United Kingdom). After 5 weeks of testing, Wizz Air made the decision to introduce this service in Romania as well.

At first sight it seems revolting, Wizz Air charges a certain type of cabin baggage.

Type of cabin baggage Size (volume) example Toll
Small cabin luggage Up to 42x32x25cm; (NEVER L) Handbag, backpack, laptop bag (must fit under the front seat) FREE OF CHARGE!
Large cabin luggage Larger than small cabin luggage - up to 56x45x25cm; (60 L) Troll €10 (Online)
Cabin policy: 1 small cabin baggage or 1 large cabin baggage per passenger. Goods purchased at the airport after security check will be delivered free of charge in the cabin.

This would be less pleasant news, but let's look at things differently. Wizz Air is a low cost company that offers great ticket prices, if you have the inspiration to buy them early. They rely on the idea that the man has to think 2 times before packing. If you're going on a lightning fast 1-2 day trip, I don't think you need to take a troller with you either. A backpack is more suitable!

Official video about the new Wizz Air luggage policy

If you still need larger luggage, you can now take with you on board a larger capacity bag - 56x45x25cm (60 L) (standard cabin baggage is 55x40x20) and pay 10 EUR per segment. But for new bookings on flights departing from October 24, all Wizz Air fares will be reduced by 5 EUR. I want to mention that 10 EUR only costs if you pay online. At the airport the costs can be higher! Wizz Air wants most passengers to check in online.

Goods purchased at the airport after security control (an important source of income for 81 partners at Wizz Air airports) will continue to be allowed in the cabin for free.

Probably many passengers will try to take the small cabin luggage with them, without paying the extra charge. This results in faster boarding / disembarkation, more space on board aircraft, but also reduced fuel consumption. The airline wins, but also the passengers.

Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager Wizz Air

According to statements made by Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager Wizz Air, the test route did not register a greater or less number of passengers, but the operator managed to save on fuel and reduced the time of embarkation and take-off.

Pictures from the Wizz Air event

The new policy does not apply to reservations made before 4 October or to flights departing before 24 October, with the exception of the London-Katowice test route, which policy is already valid.

Under these conditions, I think that passengers will be more careful when packing, when choosing travel conditions, airlines, etc. We must accept that cheap, good and comfortable does not exist. I expect that many travelers will not receive the new luggage policy with open arms, but at the same time we must be aware that we are free to choose the solution that suits our needs.

  1. Cris-Mary says

    I am glad this is something that some people were overdoing with hand luggage that didn't look so handy. I was bad? Sorry: D

  2. Sorin says

    And I agree ... although I have a cabin-approved suitcase and for which I will probably pay 10 EUR to Wizz Air 😀

  3. treasure says

    No low-cost company as far as I know has applied these restrictions… why is it still called low-cost? if from the start a return ticket will start from 20 euros for a 5-day trip, for example….

  4. Sorin says

    Schatz you answered the question yourself… 20 EUR per segment does not seem low-cost? If you want other facilities, do your calculations and see what prices you get. Depending on your travel needs, you choose services and airlines!

  5. pifcnt says

    It seems to me that it is a technique of skinning the client. You wait for a while for travel bags to appear, after which you set a luggage standard 1 cm less than the vast majority of bags: you have the proof on the website marked as mine. The bag in question is 43x33x20 cm, "pure" by chance.

  6. raluca says

    10 euro may seem a little off to you but when you pay on a ticket 39 lei taken 39 of lei returned and 20 euro on the same small luggage bag seems painful, do you?

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