Has your plane been delayed for more than 3 hours? You receive up to 600 euros. Here are the details!

Did you hit late or canceled flights? Did you know that you can receive up to € 600 as compensation from airlines? Very few people know about this and very few people know the rights of air passengers. Let's clarify this!

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Daily, hundreds of flights operated in Europe or from / to Europe are delayed or canceled for various reasons. Thousands of passengers are affected by these problems, and most are probably unaware of their air passenger rights. Let's clarify this problem!

If your flight is delayed, overbooked (and requires you to cancel the flight), canceled or if you arrive at your destination with a delay of at least 3 hours, then according to European Regulation from 2004, which has effects at EU level (with global effects - applying to all passengers, regardless of age, gender, nationality or the price paid on the ticket), you are entitled to compensation for this.

Compensation up to 600 euros

The amounts you can receive as compensation vary from 250 € to 600 € per passenger, depending on how long the distance was traveled:

- 250 Euro for distance flights below 1500 km - regional and domestic flights
- 400 euros for flights between 1500-3500 km
- 600 euros for flights over distances over 3500 km (with delay of min 4 hours)
- 300 euros for flights over distances over 3500 km (delayed between 3 and 4 hours)

As mentioned above, this compensation must be granted by airlines in accordance with an EU directive. Let's see which airlines are eligible for these compensations!

1. The airline is registered in the EU, regardless of flight and destination (eg British Airways, Ryanair, Wizzair, Blue Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, TAP Air Portugal, TAROM and the list may continue);
2. When the flight departs from an airport in the EU, even if the airline is not registered in the EU (for example, Qatar Airways, Air Canada, Air Serbia, FlyDubai, EL AL, Aeroflot, Pegasus or Turkish Airlines flights departing from an airport from the EU, so including Romania).

Sounds good, doesn't it? But you are not always eligible for these rewards, even if your flight was canceled or you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours late. This is where I think the biggest confusion is. Below are some examples of situations when you are NOT eligible to receive compensation from airlines:

you are not always eligible for these compensations

  1. If you have been informed of the cancellation with at least 2 weeks before the scheduled departure time;
    2. If you have been informed of cancellation within 2 weeks and 7 days before the scheduled departure time and are offered a redirect that allows you to leave at most 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and arrive at your destination final in less than 2 hours after the expected arrival time;
    3. If you have been informed of cancellation less than 7 days before the scheduled departure time and are offered a rerouting that allows you to leave at the latest one hour before the expected departure time and arrive at your final destination in less than two hours after the scheduled arrival time;
    4. If the air carrier can prove that the cancellation is caused by exceptional circumstances, which could not be avoided, despite taking all possible measures (coups, volcanic eruptions, fires, extreme weather conditions).

Technical problems do NOT qualify as "exceptional circumstances", even if the airline operator tries to explain the opposite. If there are technical problems with the aircraft, then you are clearly eligible. We are talking about technical problems that suddenly appeared on the plane.

Generally, you are not eligible for compensation if the delay / cancellation is independent of the airline. In bird strike or ground incident situations, then you are not eligible for compensation. There may be cases when the aircraft engine is damaged by birds, when 2 planes hit the ground, or other types of ground accidents can occur. In such situations it must be seen exactly what happened. For these reasons, you must know when you are eligible and not for compensation.

Very-very important!

  1. Requests can be made for flights operated until 3 years ago, so it does not have to be recent flights. If you have experienced such problems in the last 3 years, check if you are eligible and apply for compensation.
    2. They are subject to EC 261 / 2004 and Charter races. If you choose to spend your vacation in Turkey, Greece or other "traditional" summer destinations, and delays on charter flights appear as mentioned above, you are eligible to receive this compensation.

We have clarified what this compensation means, what is its value, when you are or are not eligible for compensation. One unknown remains. You are probably wondering how to apply for this compensation and how much money you receive.

How to get the money?

There are companies that can help you get these damages. Applications can be submitted at FlightClaim.ro, directly online (the simplest and safest), but also by email at [email protected], via messages on the Facebook page, or through Whatsapp at 0746 937 941.

Why call FlightClaim.ro?

- If you call the airline directly, you may receive false excuses and explanations. FlightClaim.ro can check if you are eligible and send to the airlines only the really eligible cases. If an airline refuses to comply with the European directive, then FlightClaim.ro sends the case to court with its teams of lawyers against all airlines that are at fault and delay or refuse to pay legal compensation to FlightClaim.ro customers.

- FlightClaim.ro is a strong Dutch company, with a history in obtaining claims, with the Claims Corporation Network group from the Netherlands behind it. FlightClaim has opened offices in many European countries, including Romania.

- It has teams of lawyers specialized in aviation law, both in Romania and in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and many other European countries. Also, if an airline refuses to pay for a FlightClaim.ro customer, it often goes to Court or to the International Bodies for the Supervision of the Application of the European Regulation, and the customer has no cost for it, the flightClaim.ro company supports all costs in Court.

- You have no cost if you call FlightClaim.ro, nothing is paid in advance. The procedure is as follows: the passenger sends to FlightClaim.ro only a few documents and information about the flight, then signs the power of attorney and then FlightClaim.ro takes care of everything, and sometimes it can take 2-3 months until the compensation from the company is approved. after many negotiations with them.

- Only in case of winnings, FlightClaim.ro stops a commission from the amount recovered for the client from the airline (250 €, 400 € or 600 €) - the stopped commission is 25% of the amount + 25 euro / policy.

  1. Maria says

    I have a question. This Thursday I should have been flying to Portugal because I was studying there and starting school on Monday. We had purchased 2 tickets one from Mures fair in Dortmund and one from Dortmund in Porto, with 2 different airline friends. The flight from Dortmund was canceled and I was notified with 28 hours before. The airline apologized and said there was a protest in France and they sent my money back. The problem is that now I have to stay in Germany until Sunday when I have another flight, because the tickets to Portugal are very expensive and I have no alternative. Do you think that in this situation I could receive compensation?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Apply for compensation. If you are eligible, they will announce and follow the procedures to recover the financial compensation.

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