A Boeing 767-300ER Ethiopian Airlines accidentally landed at Arusha Airport (video)

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On 18 December 2013, a Boeing 767-300ER Ethiopian Airlines landed by mistake at Arusha Airport, 43 kilometers from the destination airport.

NOTHING Ethiopian

(more pictures on facebook Airlines Travel page)

The airplane NOTHING (ET-AQW) had 213 passengers on board and operated flight ET-815 on the route Addis Ababa-Bole Airport (ADD) - Zanzibar Karume (ZNZ) via Kilimanjaro KIA (JRO). Due to a communication error with the control tower of Kilimanjaro airport, the aircraft arrived at Arusha airport. Both airports have runway 27, except that the one in Arusha is far too short by the standards of a Boeing 767, which needs at least 1798 meters to land safely.

In conclusion, the aircraft landed on the long 1620 meter runway of Arusha Airport and stopped outside it. No one was hurt, but they all fired a scary shot. After 3 hours, the aircraft was put back on the runway and subjected to thorough investigations. He suffered no damage and took off at 2 days after the incident. On 20 December 2013, with no cargo and passengers on board, the Boeing 767-300ER Ethiopian Airlines was able to take off to Addis Ababa in applause from the ground.

Currently, an investigation has been opened to determine the causes that led to this less happy event.

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