A Romanian citizen evacuated from Afghanistan, with the C-130 Hercules aircraft of the Romanian Air Force

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The Romanian Air Force's C-130 Hercules aircraft landed safely at Kabul International Airport on Wednesday night, August 18, and evacuated a Romanian citizen, an employee of a NATO agency, who requested repatriation.

A Romanian citizen was evacuated from Afghanistan

Following the takeover of the Romanian citizen, the aircraft took off for Islamabad, where it will stop in the next period, being ready to travel again to Kabul to evacuate other Romanian citizens when they arrive at the international airport.

Romanian Air Force on evacuation mission from Afghanistan

The evacuated citizen will be temporarily housed in Islamabad, and will be repatriated, after completing the mission of the Romanian aircraft. The particularly difficult security conditions in Kabul meant that the access of other groups of Romanian citizens to the airport could not be achieved until the moment of the presence of the military aircraft at the airport.

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