A Boeing 727 crashed… controlled (video)

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What would you do with one Boeing 727, a vintage aircraft? :) You probably don't think about landing it. But others, in their research, crash controlled such planes.

These days, in a desert in Mexico, TV producers from Discovery Channel, Channel 4 and Pro Sieben filmed the crash of a Boeing 727 and labeled the action as part of a scientific experiment. They investigate the causes of a real aviation accident and ways in which these unwanted events can cause reduced damage.

The project allows researchers to analyze the impact of the plane with the ground, how the fuselage behaves and the impact of the accident on passengers. Following these analyzes may result in solutions that can increase the survival rate of passengers.

Plane crashed controlled

"Curiosity" on Discovery Channel - full documentary!

Also follow the results of this test. The Boeing 727 is not a new aircraft, and the model used for the test seems to be ruined by history and weather. Can't erroneous measurements appear?

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