A Boeing 737-800 Jet2, hard touch and go aroud in Manchester due to the shear wind!

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Storm Malik has brought wind gusts of up to 40kt to the UK. These were a challenge for the crews of the planes that flew to Manchester. 

The Boeing 737-800 G-JZHC aircraft of Jet2, which operated the LS810 Malaga - Manchester flight, missed landing due to the shear wind. It made its first approach around 13:40 p.m., but it was interrupted and the crew positioned the plane for the second landing approach.

The second landing attempt was more stable until the gusts of wind hit. The aircraft landed firmly on the right main leg, but due to the strong wind gust the aircraft jumped off the runway and the pilots abandoned landing. From the picture you can see that the plane was about to hit the runway with its tail, which could have led to a tragedy. In the end, the pilots decided to land in the East Midlands.

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