A Boeing 737-800 SmartWings flew in an engine for 2: 20 hours.

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On August 22, a Boeing 737-800 SmartWings flew in an engine for 2: 20 hours. This is the Boeing 737-800 (OK-TVO), which operates the flight QS-1125 Samos (Greece) - Prague (Czech Republic). There were 170 passengers on board.

While the plane was flying at FL360 (36000feet), over the Aegean Sea, the left engine stopped. The pilots decided to lower the plane to FL240 (24000feet) and tried 2 times to restart the engine. The result was unsuccessful, which caused them to fly in an engine to their destination.

Boeing 737-800 SmartWings, flying in a motor

The flight to Prague took another 2 hours and 20 minutes. The problem is that the pilots have not notified the air traffic controllers that they are flying in an engine. They pleaded technical failure to remain at 24000 feet, but did not say who it is.

According to Boeing's instructions, in the IFSD situation, pilots should have landed at the nearest airport. But this did not happen, as air safety rules were violated.

SmartWings has been criticized by air traffic controllers in Hungary, Austria and KFOR (Kosovo) because the pilots of this company did not report flying in an engine.

This flight is under investigation and we await official results. The SmartWings representative said the flight went well, according to the procedures, to the final destination. The lives of those on board were not endangered. It was also mentioned that there were experienced pilots on the sleeve.

What do you think? Did the pilots proceed correctly, still flying 2: 20 hours in an engine?

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