A Boeing 737 Miami Air International stopped in the St. Johns from Florida

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On 3 May, around 21: 40 EDT (4 May, 04 time: 40, Romania time), a Boeing 737 Miami Air International aircraft slipped off the runway and stopped in the St. Johns from Florida.

The aircraft operated government flight BSK293, on the direction of Guantánamo NAS - Jacksonville NAS. Upon landing, the plane could not be stopped properly and slipped into the shallower waters of the St. Johns.

Boeing 737 Miami Air International, crashed into St. Johns

Boeing 737-miami-air-evacuated

According to the authorities, there were 143 people, including 136 passengers and 7 crew members. All escaped alive, only 2 people being injured more seriously. The injured received specialized medical care, some of them being transported to the local hospital.

The aircraft involved is a Boeing 737-800, indicative of N732MA. He is 18.1 years old and from 2001 he flies to Miami Air International. It is configured in a class with 172 seats.

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