A Boeing 747-400 National Airlines crashed in Afghanistan

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On 29 April, an aircraft Boeing 747-400 collapsed at takeoff. It was a cargo aircraft operated under the colors of the National Airlines carrier. The accident took place at the military base in Bagram, north of Kabul, in Afghanistan.

The moment was caught by a video camera on a car. This material shows the last seconds of flight of the plane 747-400 BCF N949CA (msn 35630) National Airlines, as it took off, lost its bearing and collapsed. I kept thinking whether or not to put it, and you can see the decision below. It is a difficult video to watch and I do not recommend it to those with the fear of flying.

7 people lost their lives, all from aviation and worked for National. National Airlines came out with a statement calling on those killed in the crash:

Brad Hasler, pilot in command, Trenton, Mich.
Jeremy Lipka, pilot in command, Brooklyn, Mich.
Jamie Brokaw, first officer, Monroe, Mich.
Rinku Summan, first officer, Canton, Mich.
Michael Sheets, loadmaster, Ypsilanti, Mich.
Timothy Garrett, maintenance, Louisville, Ky.
Gary Stockdale, maintenance, Romulus, Mich.

Currently, government authorities have opened an investigation into the accident and it would be advisable for the media to stop speculating. National Airlines said the plane was carrying a freight between Camp Bastion and Dubai. The cargo was properly loaded and checked at Camp Bastion, and the flight to Bagram, where it was fed, went smoothly. It is difficult to say what led to the crash of this plane, after taking off from Bagram.

Boeing 747-428 BCF N949CA

Okay, I don't understand why a Bagram power was needed anymore, when Boeing 747-400 planes can fly nonstop over 13 000 km! From the statements made by the National Airlines officials, at the base of Bagram only food was made, without loading other goods and without going to the cargo area.

In the first phase, the Taliban claimed the accident, but Bagram officials say it was not a terrorist act. We will come back with information as the investigation progresses.

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