A Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways slid off the runway

Yesterday, 8 October, a Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways slid off the runway. There were no injuries.

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For the passengers of flight TG679, on the route Guangzhou - Bangkok, the date of October 8 will remain in their memory for a long time. The Boeing 747-400 (HS-TGF) Thai Airways aircraft slipped off the runway after landing.

The incident took place around 22: 48, local time. Due to heavy rain, Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 (HS-TGF) has slipped off the 19R runway at Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi International Airport).

Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways has slipped off the runway

Boeing 747-400 Thai-Airways-incident

On board were 97 passengers and 18 crew members. There were no injuries. Those on board were evacuated through emergency exits. But Thai Airways' Boeing 747-400 (HS-TGF) suffered some notable damage.


A similar incident took place on September 8, 2013, when an Airbus A330-300 Thai Airways also suffered significant damage on the 19L runway of Bangkok airport. Coincidentally, the plane operated the same flight TG679, on the route Guangzhou - Bangkok. There were 288 passengers and 14 crew members on board. 40 people suffered injuries, 14 of them needed specialized medical care.

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