A Boeing 787 Comlux operated the longest non-stop flight in aviation history, over 20 hours.

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On March 26, at 12:57 local time, Comlux flight XAA4787, operated by a Boeing 787 (P4-787) aircraft, took off from Seoul airport and spent the next 20 hours in the air before landing in Buenos Aires. Aires, Argentina, at 21:16 p.m., local time. The distance traveled was 19.483 km.

Ultra-long flights are a controversial issue. Any flight of more than 12 hours comes with questions about the pilot's concentration and possible health problems of the passengers. However, this has not stopped some commercial and private airlines from crossing the boundaries of what ultra-long flights really mean.

Comlux CEO Andrea Zanetto confirmed that the flight was intended for private customers and was not just a test. He mentioned that there were six pilots on board who were at the helm of the rotating aircraft. An engineer was also on the aircraft.

Ultra-long-distance passenger transport is possible, although many passengers prefer to make a stopover.

The aircraft that operated this route, a seven-year-old Boeing 787, that initially entered operational service in May 2013. The aircraft was used by Aeromexico until it was detained on the ground and stored in January 2021. Subsequently, In February 2021, the aircraft was taken over by Comlux.

Source: FlightRadar24

Comlux is a luxury charter airline offering a wide range of aircraft, including the Boeing 767, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787. Comlux facilitates private travel for large groups of people, including sports teams, royal families, companies and governments. While private jets typically serve only a few passengers, Comlux can carry dozens of passengers using the aircraft it owns in the fleet.

Qantas used a 49-passenger Boeing Dreamliner to fly for 19 hours and 16 minutes. Air Tahiti Nui also used a Dreamliner to fly just under 16 hours. Clearly, ultra-long-distance passenger transport is possible, although many passengers prefer to make a stopover and relax a bit between flights.

Recent travel restrictions have added new complications for stops, as they may require the crew and passengers to be quarantined or not to leave the aircraft at all. Once the restrictions are lifted, the ultra-long route can become quite standard.

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