One child survived on the landing gear of an Arik Air plane

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A ten-year-old has managed to get through the airport's security systems Benin City, located in southern Nigeria, and hid in the landing gear of a plane Arik Air. The aircraft operated a short flight between Benin City and Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria.

The flight took approximately one hour, and the aircraft did not fly at normal cruise altitude. These factors have greatly contributed to the survival of the young man hidden in the landing gear. Upon landing, the child tried to sneak among the passengers disembarked.

In Africa there have been such cases, but illegal immigrants have not been so lucky. They died due to very low temperatures, crushed by the landing gear, due to the low pressure from very high altitudes.

Because this case came to the press in Nigeria, local authorities have begun the investigation. Nigeria's airport authorities cannot explain how this child went through security filters, but he also blamed the airline for taking off despite warnings that a child is on the runway. Arik Air accuses ground personnel of being easily fooled by this child and calls into question the safety of flights on airports in Nigeria.

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