The new terminal of Oradea Airport was inaugurated!

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The new passenger terminal of Oradea Airport, an investment of 40 million euros with European funds, was put into operation on Saturday, after a year and a half of works, according to Agerpres.

The two new terminal buildings, developed mainly on the ground floor, with a floor/mezzanine in some areas, have an area four times larger than the old terminal, namely 12.900 square meters and serve departures and arrivals respectively at the airport, with six gates boarding, three for Schengen destinations, three for non-Schengen.

According to the general manager of the Airport, Răzvan Horga, there are modular reserves for capacity adjustment, depending on needs.

"It was a daring project, started in the fall of 2022, a sustained effort in which a lot of work was done, it was worked with dedication. I want to thank the people who stood by us, very importantly the Bihor County Council, our tutelary authority, who engaged with us in this process of building a new mandatory infrastructure in a short period of time, which is necessary, especially in the context of the entry of Romania in the Schengen Area, but also to make the way we serve our passengers more efficient", Răzvan Horga said at the press conference on Saturday, together with the project manager Ionuţ Boldan and the vice-president of CJ Bihor, Călin Gal.

In addition to the four flows of Schengen/non-Schengen departures, Schengen/non-Schengen arrivals, sized for 400 passengers/hour each, playrooms for children, rooms for mother and child, toilets, soundproof telephone booths, business lounges, commercial spaces (to be serviced), offices for administrative, handling, security staff and for representatives of institutions with control functions: Border Police, SRI and Customs.

Passengers have the opportunity to quickly register their luggage, using the seven automatic self-check-in machines, but also in the classic way.


The open spaces inside have been compartmentalized with transparent glass walls for easy orientation. The seats in the waiting rooms were equipped with electrical outlets and USB plugs, among other equipment, such as multifunctional machines, for parking lots, taxis, and even defibrillators were placed in case of medical emergencies.

Oradea Airport has increased its energy efficiency by implementing a floor heating system using geothermal water and a 1,3 MW photovoltaic power plant on the roof.
The actual works were started in June 2022 and executed with consistent efforts to meet the final deadline of December 31, 2023.

The investments also included the expansion of the concrete surfaces in front of the terminal to facilitate the access of passengers, staff and airport equipment, the expansion of the access road and the construction of the parking lot (capacity of 320 places, with 10 sources for charging electric cars), the purchase of equipment for defrosting for periods with low temperatures and other related works.

The first passengers to use the new terminal landed on Saturday with a HiSky charter flight from Hurghada, Egypt, at 16,30:17,10 p.m., which will return to the same destination at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Regarding the flight situation, the general manager Răzvan Horga stated that the airport has summer flights to five destinations, from four countries. From June 3, the Oradea airport will connect to the global air transport network using the hub of the Polish national company LOT for the performance of four weekly flights Oradea - Warsaw, from where passengers will be able to continue their journeys, with a single ticket and times of very short connections to airports in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Also, the HiSky company will operate, from October at the latest, flights to London, three a week and another five new internal flights Oradea - Bucharest, supplementing the Tarom offer. In addition, Horga stated, the AnimaWings airline has signed up for the Oradea-Bucharest and return route, which has put tickets on sale from the second half of September.

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