The first Boeing 777-300ER American Airlines was delivered

The first Boeing 777-300ER American Airlines was delivered

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Boeing delivered the first aircraft X-NUMBER American Airlines. From the information provided by the American aircraft manufacturer, American Airlines is the first airline in North America to have an 777-300ER (extended range).

The Boeing 777-300ER American Airlines aircraft is configured in 3 classes and can carry up to 368 passengers. Boeing also equipped the aircraft with the system Panasonic eXConnect Wi-Fi for internet on board. American Airlines will operate the first flight with the new 777-300ER from 2013, and the route will be Dallas / Fort Worth-Sao Paulo.

The 777 aircraft family is the most appreciated and efficient in the chapter "aircraft with 2 engines and 2 color". It can carry up to 386 passengers in a configuration with 3 classes, and the range is up to 14 000 km. It seems strange to me that American airlines do not benefit more from Boeing aircraft, they are just "neighbors"!

American Airlines will receive an 777-300ER aircraft. These are part of a project to rejuvenate the fleet and streamline costs.

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