A new Air New Zealand campaign: And the birds are flying by plane

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Air New Zealand is the national airline of New Zealand. Fly to 22 from domestic destinations and 29 from international destinations. It is recognized for its quality services, but also for its unique and unconventional campaigns.


Remember again Safety in Paradise #airnzsafetyvideo or Essential safety techniques aboard Air New Zealand aircraft with Bear Grylls?

Recently, Air New Zealand launched a company that promotes long-haul flights to destinations in North and South America. And they did it in an original way.

In #BetterWayToFly

Meet Dave is a bird who chose to fly by plane to Los Angeles. Thus he avoided the long and arduous road that he should have flown with his own wings. The plane, the safest and fastest means of transport to the warm countries :).

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As you can see, not everyone was lucky enough to be Dave!

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