A new Wizz Air hangar in Sofia

On 4 July 2018, Wizz Air opened its newest hangar in Sofia. This will be the fourth maintenance center dedicated to the company in Europe and the first in the Balkans area.

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The modern construction opened in Bulgaria will ensure the maintenance line to high quality standards and has the option of an additional repair area, increasing the local maintenance capacity for the Airbus A320 aircraft family.

The new maintenance center built at Sofia Airport will have the capacity to perform more than 300 of maintenance line processes per year. Due to specialized hangar repair shops and highly qualified personnel, basic metal repairs can also be carried out.

Wizz Air hangar

The Wizz Air fleet has already grown to 100 aircraft in just 14 years since the beginning of operations and has expanded its operations throughout Europe by an annual average of 20%. The company's current fleet is currently composed of 71 by Airbus A320 and 31 by Airbus A321, being, by the way, one of the youngest in Europe, with only 4,6 years.


The modern Airbus A320 family aircraft has an average use of 13 hours / day, which allows the company to maintain a low base cost while offering the lowest fares to passengers.

Future Wizz Air plans are backed by orders for other 266 Airbus state-of-the-art aircraft ready for delivery by the end of 2026, which will support network development.

WIZZ aims to become one of the top five airlines in Europe by further stimulating the markets served and through accessible flights for even more passengers.

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