A hero pilot, an accident avoided at 19 meters and a reward of 360000 GBP

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On 11 October 2016, a less common incident occurred at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA). Around 12: 00, an aircraft of the type Airbus A320 company China Eastern Airlines started running on the runway. From a blast of an air traffic controller, another aircraft, a Airbus A330-300 China Eastern Airlines, entered the track to cross it.

One pilot was wrong

The tense moment had a solution, we could say perfect. Airbus commander Airbus A320 accelerated and managed to lift the aircraft from the ground, passing 19 meters over the other aircraft.

The airplane A320 take off for the flight MU-5643 (Shanghai - Tianjin) and had on board NUMBER of passengers. The airplane Airbus A330-300 landing in Shanghai after operating the flight MU 5106, and had it on board NUMBER of passengers. In addition to the 413 passengers, there were also 2 crew members in the 26 planes.

This moment reminds us of the tragic accident in Tenerife, which took place on 27 March 1977. Two planes collided, and 583 of people lost their lives. It was a moment similar to what happened in Shanghai, but the end was tragic.

China Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) launched a simulation, which was created during investigations. We can see the acceleration and take-off of the A320 plane, which passes very little distance from the other plane.

The pilot hero is He Chao, which was rewarded by the airline with the amount of 360 000 GBP. At the ceremony, China Eastern Airlines also rewarded the cabin crew with the 71 000 GBP.

Below you have the position of CAAC and the sanctions on those who are guilty of the incident:

After investigation, CAAC decided that the incident was a human factor induced severe incident which was caused by neglect of flight dynamics and commanding mistakes of the tower controllers on duty. Therefore CAAC gave punishment including warning within the Party, serious warning, administrative demerit and removal from offices of 13 officials in East China Air Traffic Management Bureau as well as the bureau's Air Traffic Control Center and Safety Management Department, revoking licenses of the controllers in the commanding seat and supervising seat, and banning the controller in the commanding seat from undertaking any air traffic control jobs for life.

All's well that ends well!

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