A pilot manually "drew" the logo of his shop in the sky

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It's not news that pilots use radar sites (eg, FlightRadar24) to "draw" in flight. During the 7 years of AirlinesTravel, we published numerous news stories with such drawings.

Among the most well-known graphic achievements in flight, we have Flying hearts, Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner has "drawn" a Dreamliner in flight, "Merry Xmas", a perfect "12".

He "drew" manually, in the sky

Thus, pilot Mark Patey drew the logo of his aviation shop, besttugs.com. The difference from the other drawings lies in the fact that Mark drew it by manual piloting.


As you can see, his mission was not easy. It is a complex drawing, which involves multiple crossing points. He did a great job. And he had a very good idea to promote his business. In order to make this "drawing", Mark flew a Carbon Cub EX CCK-1865.

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