One pilot offered commander wings to a child (2 years) with down syndrome

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On October 2, 2019, Commander Joe Weis retired after a 35-year career in aviation. The last flight operated on the route Madrid - Miami, at the helm of a Boeing 777-200ER American Airlines plane.

AA69 Flight was especially for Joe Weis, being the last of his career. But equally special was Ki Klitenick, a 2 year old with Down syndrome, being his first flight by plane.

Joe Weis decided to make it even more special by inviting Ki Klitenick and his mother, Sarah Tamar Klitenick, into the cockpit. And here, Joe gave the captain's wings to the little boy. Because, not so, one is retired and one is at the beginning in the world of flights. The gesture is exciting and I invite you to watch it in the video.

Commander wings for an 2 year old with Down

Sarah told a local Miami newspaper that her little boy associates the word "commander" with "Joe" and points to the chest where the commander's wings are.

This beautiful and exciting event also took place with the support of Joe Weis's wife, who flew with the Klitenick family. He learned the story of the child, communicated with the husband and the rest you already know. In a world full of sad events, it is nice when people do good deeds.

NOTE: The emotional moment took place in Miami, after the plane was safely parked.

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