A romantic dinner in a lifeguard cabin? Yes, it is possible in Tel Aviv.

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A unique idea was implemented this week on the beaches of Tel Aviv. The municipality of Tel Aviv will offer free couples the opportunity to go out on a date on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, right in a lifeboat.

Those interested can schedule online, on the Municipality's website, and can choose one of the cabins available on the beaches of Tel Aviv.

Romantic dinner in lifeguard cabins

As bars and restaurants remain closed due to coronavirus and measures to limit the spread of the virus in Israel, the city of Tel Aviv has come up with an innovative solution to keep romance in pandemics and revitalize the city: free use of lifeguard cabins from Tel Aviv by couples who want a romantic dinner by the sea.

The initiative was launched as part of the "Tel Aviv-Yafo: the city that never stops" campaign and aims to revitalize the city despite the restrictions imposed by the spread of the pandemic.

The cabins are located on the beaches of Bograshov, Hilton and Metzitzim in Tel Aviv and are inactive in winter, so lovers can enjoy an unparalleled view against the background of the sound of the Mediterranean Sea. Lifeguard cabins have been decorated for these romantic dinners and have already received their first couples in love.

romantic dinner in a lifeguard cabin

About the beaches of Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv coastline is 14 kilometers long and stretches from Herzliya to Bat Yam, with a total of 13 official beaches. At each beach there are locker rooms and bathrooms, lifeguards, a room for first aid, chairs, sunbeds, pergolas, special chairs for people with disabilities that allow them to float on the water and playgrounds for children. 

All 13 beaches in Tel Aviv were awarded in 2019 with the Blue Flag, which certifies the highest standards of comfort, safety, cleanliness, accessibility for people with disabilities and environmental protection. 

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