A SunExpress plane landed on Otopeni as a matter of urgency

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Update: The plane took off to Ankara at 21.55. In the aircraft were also attacked the two aggressors, but with security provided by the services from Bucharest, at the request of the air operator.

Un Boeing 737 plane company's SunExpress, on the Frankfurt - Ankara route, landed urgently at Otopeni airport, on Tuesday evening, after a steward was physically assaulted by a passenger, the airport representatives told MEDIAFAX. Some reports say the attendant was stabbed, but is out of danger.

The plane requested landing permission at 18.40. According to the airport spokesman, Valentin Iordache, the steward was, in fact, assaulted by two passengers, most likely of Turkish origin, who were to be heard inside the airport. The plane will probably resume its flight tonight!

The cause of the incident will be determined after the hearings!

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