A woman is in love with a Boeing 737 KLM and wants to marry her

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We are passionate about aviation, we like airplanes, we love to fly and travel, but we have not yet thought about marrying airplanes. But the love for airplanes has no limits and is demonstrated by Michèle Köbke.

The 30-year-old, originally from Germany, is in love with a Boeing 737 KLM plane. The love story began in 2014, at the Berlin - Tegel International Airport, when Michèle Köbke met the Boeing 737-800NG (PH-BXV). The plane is named Roodborstje / Robin.

A woman is in love with a Boeing 737 KLM

love between a woman and the plane

Five years ago it was necessary for Michèle Köbke to meet her love of wings. It happened in September 5, in a hangar of the airline KLM. The Boeing 2019 was undergoing periodic review.

dragoste intre femeie si avion

She acknowledged that she intends to marry the plane Boeing 737-800NG (PH-BXV) and is really willing to move to the hangar :). The family supports the relationship, but does not rush to meet the metal "lover". Michèle admitted that she sleeps with the pieces obtained from her beloved.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 18, 2020, also in the KLM hangar. And, most likely, it will be the date when the two get married. Okay, the plane doesn't think he can express his will, but what does it matter? 🙂

I also know people with affinities developed for different planes, but I have not heard of marrying them :). Among the star aircraft from us we remember Goguta (Boeing 737-700 YR-BGG TAROM) and Smaranda Braescu (Airbus A318-100 YR-ASD TAROM).

In medical terms, this translates to a disorder or paraphilia known as objectophilia. A person is attracted to an inanimate object, believing that the object has its own intelligence or personality.

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