Bucharest - Ilfov metropolitan season ticket: train - subway!

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From 15 February 2022, the two public transport systems coordinated by the Ministry of Transport - rail and subway transport - will be part of the pilot project to implement "integrated metropolitan travel tickets for surface transport, subway and road transport". the railway on the route Gara de Nord - Henri Coandă Airport, in the Bucharest-Ilfov region ”.

"As we have always stated, the best solution for solving the traffic in the Bucharest - Ilfov Region and reducing the number of cars is public transport, especially by train and subway. It is also important to integrate all transport systems, so that with a single ticket or subscription you can travel with all available means of transport: train, subway, bus, tram, trolleybus", Wrote the Secretary of State for Transport Irinel Ionel Scrioșteanu.

Following the approval and at the level of the local administration of Bucharest, these new tickets will be able to be used by all those who constantly or temporarily use the railway on the route Gara de Nord - Henri Coandă Airport (including from Mogoșoaia and Otopeni stations).

The new travel documents cover periods of 24 hours, 72 hours, a month, 6 months or a year and the various combinations of transport systems (surface transport managed by ADI Transport Public Bucharest - Ilfov together with the metro and the railway, with the metro or the railway ; transport by subway together with the railway; only the railway, regardless of the operator).

Source: Economica.net

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