About 107000 Romanians visited Israel in 2018

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In 2018, Israel registered over 4,1 millions of tourists, with an increase of 14% compared to the same period of the previous year. Tourism revenue was about 5,8 billion.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics of Israel, only in December 2018 registered about 325.600 of tourists, increasing with 12.2% compared to the same period of the year 2017 and with 31% compared to the year 2016. During this period, the revenue generated from tourism reached about 460 million dollars.

Romania, 106900 tourists, in Israel

The total number of Romanian tourists who visited Israel was 106.900, increasing by 35% compared to the year 2017. Romania is the second country in the region, after Poland, as the total number of tourists visiting Israel.

Investments over 35 million to create new accommodation

"The factors that led to this record are the radical change of the marketing strategy, the development of the infrastructure, the introduction of direct flights from several destinations and the new collaborations with major travel agents around the world," said the Minister of Tourism of Israel, Yarin Levin.

"We are optimistic about the 2019 year which begins with the inauguration of the new international airport in Timna, which will allow us to continue introducing new flights to Eilat," added the General Director of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel, Amir Halevi.

The 6 countries with the largest flow of tourists traveling to Israel are the United States (897.100), France (346.000), Russia (316.000), Germany (262.500), United Kingdom (217.900) and Italy (150.600).

Last year over 35 million euros were allocated to help entrepreneurs build new accommodation. The investments materialized in 3.829 of new accommodation spaces, which represents an annual annual increase with 49% (2017: 2566 new accommodation spaces, 2016: 1936 new accommodation spaces).

Country of origin Number of tourists 2018 (Jan-Dec) The growth
Poland 151.900 56%
Romania 106.900 35%
Czech 31.700 30%
Hungary 31.200 39%
Greece 29.800 6%
Slovakia 20.100 40%
Bulgaria 16.500 39%
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