About adventure tourism and activities on #litoralulmeu (ep. 3)

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When we talk about the coast, we all think of the scorching sun, the beach with the fine sand, the relaxation on a deck chair under an umbrella and a great splash in the sea. When we talk about the Romanian coast, for many it means night clubs, lost time through resorts, bad services and high prices.


During the 23-26 May period, I was on #litoralulmeu and I found out a different kind of coastline. We have no resorts like in Bulgaria and all inclusive like in Antalya, but the hotels of 4 and 5 stars began to appear in the true sense of the word and not just on paper, the resorts began to nest according to the targeted tourists. Mamaia remains the resort for night clubs, for fun, but the southern part of the Romanian coast goes to SPAs, mud baths and family.

Hoteliers have begun to work on the services side, their quality and prices. I met people passionate about tourism, the Romanian coast, the activities on the Black Sea shore and they gave me the hope that something will change for the better.


But most of all I was glad to see that my #litoralulmeu does not just mean a sea and club. During the 3 days spent on the Romanian shore of the Black Sea, we practiced several unique activities, from bathing with mud and up to sea sailing with the sailboat. But let's point them at a time.

1. Sapropelic mud bath at Hotel Europa in Eforie Nord - a pleasant experience, but I don't know if I want to repeat it. Do not expect a pleasant smell, otherwise it is very relaxing. Ana Aslan Health Spa it is a modern temple of relaxation, health and beauty. If you do not want a mud bath, you can choose other SPA and massage procedures.

Careful!!! Entering the mud bath is done in Adam's or Eve's suit, as the case may be :).

2. Herghelia Mangalia - an ideal place for horse enthusiasts. The complex has existed since 1928 and consists of 8 stables; 1 racecourse for gallop races; equestrian base for training and obstacle competitions; leisure base; administrative office; agricultural land.

Herghelia Mangalia offers the following services:
- breeding stallions for public breeding resorts;
- specialist consultant on horse breeding in order to improve breeds in the private sector;
- riding lessons;
- training and coaching;
- equestrian sports shows and competitions;
- leisure and equestrian tourism.

Because of the weather, I couldn't get on the horse. But maybe you can! For the visit to Herghelia Mangalia, I recommend light, sporty equipment, preferably long pants, sports shoes.

3. Kayaking on Lake Limanu - a fun activity, but I haven't tried it. Knowing that the lake is about 5-6 meters deep, I preferred to stay on the shore. But I enjoyed a portion of anchovies and had a beer with HAPPYşor, in the port LifeHarbour Limanu, next to a part of the cheerful gang on #litoralulmeu. Most of them got into kayaks and went for a walk on the lake, and I "chased" them with the camera.

Those who will climb kayaks WILL WANT TO SUMMER. It is good to have a bathing suit and a sweater (t-shirts, linen, towel, etc.).

If you do not like kayaking, you can choose other interesting activities: SUP (stand up paddle), kitesurfing, cycling on the cliffs or around Lake Limanu, sailing, scuba diving, wreck tourism, off-road, paintball, shooting with bow.

Just contact ActiveTraining and book beautiful adventure moments: 0722.325.135 / 0725.513.480; [email protected] Our instructor was Șerban Ionescu.

4. With the sailboat Adornate on the Black Sea - the pride of the Vega hotel. Adornate is an authentic schooner with an extremely elegant and imposing outfit, built in 1997 and refurbished in 2006. It is a ship specially designed for all lovers of luxury and unique adventures at sea, and over time has sailed throughout the Mediterranean, from the Balearic Islands to Monte Carlo on the French Riviera. Adornate also participated in the most important maritime events on the Mediterranean Sea.

#litoralulmeu gave me the beautiful opportunity to board this boat and enjoy 4 hours of walking on the Black Sea. I'm a big fan of airplanes, but I couldn't refuse such a ride with Adornate. It was an experience I will not forget too soon.

And you can enjoy a ride with the Adornate sailboat. In the summer of 2013, the Adornate sailboat will go out to sea every Saturday and Sunday, between 9: 30 and 13: 00, regardless of the number of ticket buyers, but in favorable weather conditions. In the excursions organized with Adornate on the Black Sea, guests of the hotel, who choose to spend a minimum of 7 nights at Vega in Mamaia, can participate for free. Weekends with fixed dates and times are priced at 60 EUR / adult and 40 EUR / children under 14 years.

The price of 60 EUR is a really good one and I can compare it with something similar in Antalya, all this price is also about 4 hours you walk.

I recommend that you equip yourself properly, with a cap and a windproof cap. At sea it is not as dry and possibly cooler, windy and scorching sun. It is good to have the bulletin / CI with you.

5. Wine tasting at the Murfatlar Winery - where wines have been talking for over 2000 years. But about this topic in the next episode.


In conclusion, on the Romanian coast you have to do, just want. There are many different mindsets, many services to be developed, but I think things are moving for the better. The rates for accommodation and services are as they are, higher or lower depending on the pockets, but for the other activities the prices are even competitive with those from countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria and even Greece.

I wish you a fun time at #litoralulmeu!


#Litoralulmeu is an event organized by Accent Travel & EventsHappy Tour and HAPPYşor, with services offered by Hotel EuropaHotel VegaOrnate sailboat and Hotel Iaki.

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