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Halloween, that feast of vampires and chiseled Bostonians, is approaching. It is celebrated every year on 31 October. If you had the impression that it was an American holiday, you were wrong. Halloween is a Celtic holiday.

The name comes from the English language, from the expression "All Hallows' Even", a Christian holiday of all saints. At the same time, during the Roman Empire it was Pomona Day, and among the Celts it was the Samhain festival. Like any holiday, it has been influenced by many cultures.

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Halloween 2016 Villa Camelia

How did people come to dress in vampires, wizards, mummies and other characters? The old Celts believed that the border between this world and the one beyond was weakened on Samhain day, allowing the spirits, good or bad, to cross it. The family's ancestors were honest and invited home, while evil spirits were banished. It is believed that the need to remove evil spirits led to the wearing of costumes and masks. They removed evil spirits by disguising themselves as evil spirits to avoid them.


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How did the pumpkin get sculpted for Halloween? The symbols and craft objects associated with Halloween have developed over time. At first, lanterns were carved from turnips to illuminate souls in purgatory. The turnip was used for Halloween in Ireland and Scotland. But immigrants from North America used pumpkin, which was more accessible and larger, but also easier to carve. The American tradition of pumpkin modeling is attested from 1837 and was initially associated with the time of harvest, being specific to Halloween only towards the end of the 19th century.

Another Halloween custom is caroling and "Trick or Treat?" (Trick or treat?). Something like Christmas carol. On Halloween, children in costume wander from house to house and ask: "Trick or Treat?" If the carolers refuse to offer sweets, they will have a farce from the carolers.


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UNICEF has played an important role in the "Trick or Treat?" Movement. In the US, this habit first appeared in 1950, in a suburb of Philadelphia, which expanded nationally to 1952. But caroling was popular in Scotland and Ireland as late as the 19th century.

For the past 20 years, the Halloween party has been adopted by many other countries in Europe, including Romania. It is not the custom of caroling, but thematic parties are organized, and guests are dressed in fairy tales, wizards and vampires, etc. The custom of the sculpted Bostonians was also taken over.

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Halloween is also celebrated by Villa Camelia. Every year, the villa is decorated with carved pumpkins, a barbecue dinner and a campfire are organized. For Halloween 2016, Villa Camelia has prepared an attractive package: 3 nights accommodation (in a double room) with breakfast, barbeque dinner; Campfire - 345 lei / person. FREE OF CHARGE: playgrounds for children in the villa and yard; internet via wireless connection; supervised parking places for the tourists of the villa.

Attention - limited places.
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