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According to the saying "The man of the house makes his winter car and the summer sled", today we approach a particular subject. We talk about skiing. You know how to choose the right pair of skis for you?

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It may seem strange because we approach such a topic, but we are passionate about traveling and practicing different winter and summer sports. I admit that I love the white season and I like the mountain, an ideal combination to be able to practice winter sports. I admit, sledding is my favorite sport :), but I want to put my skis on.

In a discussion with a friend about skiing, he recommended that I take a look at an offer of used skis. But how do I choose the right skis? In order to find an answer to this question, I spoke with a representative of the site and he gave us some useful and practical information about skiing and skiing.

Choosing the right pair of skis can be a burden. Those who practice this sport are familiar with the brands, the type of ski, the materials used, accessories and necessary equipment. But what should a novice do?

You know how to choose the right pair of skis

First of all you have to take your skis in relation to your height. If you're a beginner, like me, you might want to take shorter skis closer to your chin. They weigh less and are easier to handle. They are suitable for slow skiing, with short maneuvers, without too much speed. If you have some experience and you want to move to advanced, it is good to take bigger skis, about your height.

Obviously, not only length matters, but also the materials used in their manufacture. It does matter if they are wider or narrower skis, if they are all-mountain or park and pipe for stunts. It is important to choose your skis according to your preferred skiing style. This is how I learned that there are several types of skis: All-mountain skis; Powder skis; Big mountain skis; Carving skis; Park and pipe skis; Alpine ski touring; Freeride skis; Giant slalom skis.

The most popular skis are carving skis. They are ideal for slopes maintained. They are between 70 and 80 millimeters wide at the middle (central) and approximately 110 millimeters at the ends. They are easy to handle and have good cornering behavior.

To know that you have a varied offer on the site children's skis. Obviously you have to choose skis according to the age of the little one, but also the degree of training. After the age of 15 years, the rules for adults apply. Until the age of 15, consider a few basic rules set out below:

Recommended length of skis for children between 0-5 years, after the level of preparation:

beginners: to the chest,
advanced: up to the shoulders,
experts: up to the tip of the nose;

For children between 5-10 years, according to the level of preparation:

beginners: up to the shoulders,
advanced: up to the tip of the nose,
experts: to the forefront;

For children between 10-15 years, according to their level of preparation:

beginners: up to the shoulders, under the chin,
advanced: up to the height of the eyes,
experts: up to their own height;

I admit that the mist in my mind about skiing has gone. And the next step is to move from theory to practice. We wait for winter to come and take a few hours of skiing. Remember, in the winter season, some airlines transport your winter gear to different popular holiday destinations for free.

Are you getting ready for the winter season?

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