fbpx Aviation crash: Fokker 100 Bek Air, on flight Z92100, crashed at take-off

Aviation crash: Fokker 100 Bek Air, on flight Z92100, crashed at take-off

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Today, 27 December 2019, at around 07:00 local time, the Fokker 100 Bek Air (UP-F1007) aircraft crashed shortly after take-off from Almaty Airport, Kazakhstan. Operate the flight Z92100, on the route Almaty - Nur-Sultan. There were 96 passengers and 5 crew members on board.

The Fokker 100 Bek Air plane (UP-F1007) lost altitude immediately after take off and collapsed over 2 houses in the village of Almerek. At take-off, the weather conditions were as follows: temperature -12 degrees, visibility of 1000 meters.

Following the tragic accident, the authorities declared that 15 people lost their lives. Dozens of injured people were recovered from the wreckage of the aircraft, but also from the wreckage.

Fokker 100 Bek Air, dropped off

Aviation accident: Fokker 100 Bek Air, on flight Z92100. collapsed at takeoff
Accident aviatic: Fokker 100 Bek Air, de pe zborul Z92100. prabusit la decolare

Several survivors said there was a "loud noise" before the plane lost altitude. And people started screaming and crying.

At this point, investigators are investigating the causes that led to the crash of the aircraft. And several flights were canceled. It is premature to issue hypotheses. We await official statements.

focker 100 Bek Air

The aircraft involved in the accident is of type Fokker 100, indicative UP-F1007. He was almost 24 years old.

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