Plane crash: An Airbus A320 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crashes near Karachi

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A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane flying from Lahore to Karachi (# PK8303) crashed near Karachi airport. The aircraft involved was Airbus A320 AP-BLD - 15.7 years. It carried 98 people on board, 91 passengers and 7 crew members.

"The plane crashed in Karachi. We are trying to confirm the number of passengers, but initially it is 91 passengers and 7 crew members ", said Abdul Sattar Khokhar, spokesman of the aviation authority.

Several social media posts show images of smoke and flames from the crash site. It appears that the aircraft crashed in a populated area, and ambulances are trying to make their way to the crash site.

The collapse comes just days after authorities allowed commercial flights to resume. We remind you that the planes were detained on the ground due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plane crash: An Airbus A320 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crashed
Accident aviatic: Un Airbus A320 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) s-a prabusit

According to international sources, the aircraft was on its second attempt to land at Karachi Airport (OPKC). The aircraft took off from Lahore at 13:05 local time (08:05 UTC) and was due to arrive in Karachi around 14:45 (09:45 UTC).

Received approval to land on runway 25L. At 14:35, the pilots announced that they will operate the "go-around" procedure and a new ILS approach for the 25L runway. The air traffic controller recommended a 110 turn and a climb to 3000feet. 4 minutes later, the pilots reported losing their engines and later declared Mayday. The aircraft crashed in a residential area called Model Colony, about 1360 m from the runway threshold 25L.

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