(Video) ACCIDENT: Boeing 777-300 Emirates in flames at Dubai airport

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Update 20:18 - Emirates release: Today, August 3, Boeing 777-300 (A6-EMW) (EK521 flight) was involved in an accident in the landing process at Dubai International Airport. The unfortunate event took place at 12: 45, the local time in the United Arab Emirates. All passengers were safely evacuated, with cabin crew acting fast.

The aircraft commander and co-pilot are experienced, each having over 7000 flight hours. Emirates works with local authorities to determine the cause of the accident.

Due to this accident, Dubai International Airport was closed for several hours. A number of flights were canceled, and others were delayed or diverted to other nearby airports.

Around 18: 30 (local time), the airport resumed its activity.


Today, around local time 12: 45, the aircraft Boeing 777-300 Emirates (A6-EMW) caught fire at Dubai airport. The accident occurred, according to information from the foreign press, due to a forced landing, without the landing gear removed.


The plane was operating the flight EK-521route Thiruvananthapuram (India) - Dubai (United Arab Emirates). There were 300 passengers on board (282 passengers and 18 crew members). They were evacuated quickly, with no reports of casualties. List of passengers by nationality: 226 - India; 24 - UK; 11 - UAE; 6 - US; 6 - Saudi Arabia; 5 - Turkey; 4 - Ireland; 2 - Australia; 2 - Brazil; 2 - Germany; 2 - Malaysia; 2 - Thailand; 1 - Croatia; 1 - Egypt; 1 - Bosnia & Herzegovina; 1 - Lebanon; 1 - Philippines; 1 - South Africa; 1 - Switzerland; 1 - Tunisia.

According avherald.com, the aircraft would have landed on the tummy during a go-around procedure. From the discussions with the control tower, it appears that the pilots requested a go-around, lifted the landing gear, but the aircraft failed to reach altitude and landed on the belly, stopping at the 12L runway at Dubai Airport. (DXB).

Boeing 777-300 Emirates in flames

Several pictures and videos of the accident appeared. The captured images show how the plane caught fire with the ground impact, and the right engine came off the wing. The aircraft suffered major damage. This reminds us of the accident in the United States when Boeing 777-200ER aircraft Asiana Airlines caught fire at San Francisco airport.

The aircraft was 13 years old. Entered the Emirates fleet on 28 March 2003. The first flight was operated on 7 March 2003. The propulsion was provided by 2 Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines.

Dubai Airport (DXB) has suspended its activity. Emirates estimates a delay of about 8 hours.

We will come back with details!

  1. Adrian O. says

    Entering your pages, either web or facebook, I expect the information published to be correct. This is because you are so strictly specialized and you have access to many sources of information that the general public does not have.
    Under these conditions, I cannot understand how you can make a mistake about the aircraft model. It was a simple B777-300 and not a B777-300ER. If it had been an ER, then it would have been equipped with General Electric engines.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Correct! This model Boeing 777-31H. And the engine variants: PW 4098, RR 892, GE90-92B / -94B. Thank you for your vigilance!

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