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Accommodation UNTOLD 2022 Cluj-Napoca: thousands of euros per few nights accommodation!

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The date when it will take place has been announced UNTOLD 2022. Immediately after the announcement of the big festival, which attracts up to 100 partygoers each year, accommodation prices have exploded in Cluj. Rates have increased for hotels, hostels and cottages, but also for private apartments.

For example, a family apartment, which can accommodate a maximum of 4 adults and 2 children, ended up costing over 65 lei between August 000-3. At the boarding houses around Cluj, a double room costs from 8 lei and up.

Some examples of accommodation prices in Cluj during the UNTOLD festival
Some examples of accommodation prices in Cluj during the UNTOLD festival

A little cheaper and at a price close to normal, you will find accommodation 10-12-20 kilometers from Cluj. But who wants to go to a festival and stay away from the fun place?

UNTOLD it has become a global phenomenon and tens of thousands of people go to Cluj for a few days of fun. It attracts tourists from all over the world.

Would you pay so much money for simple accommodation? Are you an UNTOLD fan so that you pay this money for accommodation plus what other expenses will there be during the festival?

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