Activity of Timisoara International Airport "Traian Vuia" in 2013

The activity of Timisoara International Airport "Traian Vuia" in 2013

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Timisoara International Airport "Traian Vuia" drew the line and presented the balance sheet on 2013, but also the plans on 2014.

In year 2013, the traffic data is presented as follows:
- Number of aircraft movements: 11.929
- Number of passengers processed: 757.096

An unfavorable situation for the airport was the decline of the traffic volume of the Carpatair company in Romania, which negatively affected the volume of passengers and the airport revenues, given that Timisoara was the operating hub of the airline in the past.

To increase the volume of traffic, the airport administration has adopted and continues to apply a marketing policy of attracting new passenger and freight operators to new destinations, which will lead to an increase in traffic values.


Thus, the flight program that will be operated from the 2014 summer season, by one of the partner companies of the Timisoara International Airport - "Traian Vuia", includes an increase in the frequency of flights to the most important European destinations. The new flight program operated by 2014 by this company includes 6 additional flights to some of the European destinations already operated from Timisoara International Airport - "Traian Vuia", as follows:

Destination Flight frequency increase / week Operating days in 2014:

London - 2 additional flights - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Dortmund - 1 additional flight - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Milan - 1 additional flight - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Valencia - 1 additional flight - Wednesday, Sunday
Paris 1 - additional flight - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

At the same time, the partner company is also considering the opportunity to open two new destinations in Timisoara, starting with the 2014 summer season.

Since January 2013, Timisoara International Airport has been authorized as a "Cargo Enabled Agent", which attests to the fact that the services provided by the Cargo Center comply with the European standards specified in the EC Regulation 185 / 2010.

In the Cargo Center of Timisoara International Airport, the goods of different types - general goods, post office, small parcel - are picked up, processed and, through the partner companies, transported in the fastest way, from Timisoara to other airports or to the final destination. The transport of goods is done through the partner airlines, respectively, by internationally renowned courier companies.

The airport has properly equipped storage rooms and qualified personnel for carrying out the cargo activity.

At the same time, during the 04.09.-12.09.2013 period, the European Aviation Civil Conference (ECAC) carried out a security audit within SN AIT TV SA, which confirmed that Timisoara airport complies with the highest European requirements and standards in the field. of aviation security.

Important objectives, achieved in the year 2013

- The current repair works of the take-off / landing runway started in 2009 and interrupted until October 2012, were completed in 01.09.2013;
- During the same period, the light marking system was rehabilitated and the substation for transforming the voltage from medium to low voltage was upgraded, through which the power supply of the marking system is ensured, fulfilling the second category marking conditions, which means that the required visibility for foggy landings must be at least 300 meters, facilitating the operation of airline companies and reducing the number of flight cancellations and delays caused by weather conditions;
- The beacon system is functional on both operating directions (East / West) by installing the "approach beacon system" on the West direction; all these works were executed with a minimum interruption of flight operations (7 days), which constituted an organizational success of the administration;
- The certification audit performed by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority at the completion of these works confirmed that we meet the safety conditions imposed by the international regulations, at high technical and operational standards and that SN "Timisoara - Traian Vuia International Airport" - SA fulfills all the conditions safety in terms of airport infrastructure, at a higher level of technical performance; (Annex - Table of operational characteristics of airports in Romania).

All these repair works at the take-off / landing runway were performed after an expertization of the foundation / resistance layer. The surface of the runway / landing was in a state of physical wear, being uncovered by the asphalt layer for 3 years (2009-2012), which led to its degradation.

The repair works have ensured the increase of the safety of the aircraft movements on the ground and the development of a flatness that will confer a higher degree of comfort of the take-off / landing operations. On the other hand, the run time will increase.

In addition to these works, other objectives have been achieved, of which we mention:

- “Changing the Car Access System in AIT-TV Parking” in April 2013; compared to the old access system, it benefits from state-of-the-art technology that gives it increased reliability, based on bar code readers. The system meets the needs of passengers who do not have a subscription and who can currently pay the value of the parking service with the help of an automatic payment house.
- Reconfiguration and redevelopment of some areas within the 1 and 2 Passenger Terminals;
- Preparatory works for the extension of the Cargo Hall;
- Implementation of a system of measures regarding the selective management, collection and transport of waste, in accordance with the principles of environmental protection;
- Making the documents in order to request financing from EU funds (the TEN-T and POS-T program) to achieve the objective "Intermodal passenger and freight terminal - Timisoara Traian Vuia International Airport";
- Carrying out the current repairs to the aircraft parking platform and carrying out the day marking, in order to maintain the appropriate level of aeronautical safety when operating on the moving surfaces;
- Permanent monitoring of aircraft movement surfaces, from a technical and operational point of view, in order to comply with national and European regulations in the field of civil aviation regarding aviation safety;
- Permanent monitoring of the safety zones and surfaces of aircraft movements, through the "electronic system of perimeter surveillance" so as to comply with the national and European civil aviation requirements, regarding the aeronautical security;
- Carrying out massive works of grinding and mowing the surfaces of the aeronautical safety area, because these works have not been performed properly for 2 years (2010-2012);
- Reorganization of the personnel structure, which aimed at eliminating positions that no longer correspond to the current operational and administrative requirements, in order to make the activity more efficient and the efficient use of the personnel and the effective working time.

The synthetic presentation of all the aspects and objectives achieved, shows that so far a coherent and efficient development of the activities has been achieved, given the amount of disadvantageous elements whose effect on the overall activity had to be controlled and mitigated.

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