Adria Airways has temporarily suspended all flights for Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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On September 23, Adria Airways announced that it is temporarily suspending all flights on Tuesdays (24 September) and Wednesdays (25 September). Financial problems were invoked.

The problem is that it is not known what will happen after these days. Adria Airways is facing serious liquidity problems, which leads to blocking payments to creditors and suppliers.

Adria Airways has temporarily suspended all flights

A few days ago, the leasing company took 2 aircraft from the Adria Airways fleet for non-payment of rates. Adria Airways officials said they are trying to get the Slovenian carrier back on the flight, but the situation is uncertain.

Adria Airways has a fleet of 3 Airbus A319 aircraft, 11 Bombardier CRJ family aircraft and 6 Saab 2000 aircraft.

For these canceled flights, you can claim compensation.

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