Aegean Airlines has ordered 30 aircraft from the A320neo family

Aegean Airlines, the largest airline in Greece, has signed an agreement with Airbus to purchase 30 from A320neo family aircraft. The order includes 20 of A320neo aircraft and 10 x A321neo.

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Currently, Aegean Airlines is Greece's largest airline, having a fleet of 46 Airbus aircraft (37 x A320, 8 x A321 and 1 x A319).

On 28 March 2018, Aegean signed an agreement with Airbus to purchase 30 from A320neo family aircraft (20 x A320neo and 10 x A321neo). At the same time, many other aircraft will be taken over by leasing companies.


Aegean Airlines has ordered 30 aircraft

Eftichios Vassilakis, vice president of Aegean Airlines, said that this agreement is part of the company's plan to provide long-term premium services. In other words, Aegean Airlines has big plans for the future and wants to expand its fleet and even rejuvenate it.

The A320neo family incorporates the latest technologies, including new generation engines and Sharklets. Together, the new technologies offer fuel savings of at least 15% on delivery and up to 20% up to 2020. Registering orders from 100 customers for approximately 6000 aircraft, the A320neo family has acquired approximately 60% market share.

Airbus A321neo is the largest member of the A320 family and can carry between 185 and 240 passengers, depending on the cabin configuration. Incorporating the latest engines, new aerodynamic systems and innovations in the cabin, the A321neo can fly up to 7400 miles non-stop, more than any other single-aisle aircraft.

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