Aegean Airlines buys 25% of Animawings, the new Romanian charter company. See for what amount!

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A press release issued by Aegean Airlines announces a new transaction in Eastern Europe. According to him, Aegean Airlines buys 25% of the new Romanian company animewings. For the minority package, the Greek carrier would have paid the sum of EUR 412 000. In other words, Animawings is worth EUR 1 648 000.

It is a surprising and also interesting move that Aegean Airlines makes. We remind you that Animawings is a new Romanian-Greek shareholder. According to official information, it will take its AOC in the middle of this month, and operations will start on May 1, 2020.

Aegean Airlines buys 25% of Animawings

animewingsa new airline specializing in charters, will operate flights on the Romanian market starting this year. The airline operator has as shareholders the company Memento Group, of which Christian Tour, the largest Romanian tour operator, as well as the Greek airline operator Orange2Fly, is part.

According to the information offered on its facebook page, Animawings announces the arrival of an Airbus A320 aircraft, registered YR-AGA. It will be configured in a class with 174 seats. We would have expected the plane to come from Orange2Fly, but they all have 180 seats.

Cristi from mentioned very well in his article that the aircraft could come from Aegean Airlines, being the one with the code SX-DGR. The aircraft is on March 3 at Shannon Airport, where the company's hangars are located International Aerospace Coatings - specialized in aircraft painting.

As for the collaboration between Aegean Airlines and Memento Group, the owner of the Christian Tour, we can say that it is a lasting one. Aegean Airlines provides charter services, connecting various Romanian cities with destinations in Greece (especially Crete, Rhodes and Corfu).

We will follow with interest the evolution of the company Animawings and will come back with information!

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