Aeroflot bought 8 Airbus A330-300 aircraft

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Aeroflot, Russia's largest airline, has bought eight Airbus A330-300s from foreign leasing companies, a company official said. He bought these planes. "as part of the fulfillment of contractual obligations", Added Aeroflot.

According to existing information, the 8 A330-300 aircraft would belong to the leasing companies Vistavia Ireland DAC and Aviasky Ireland DAC.

 Since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, foreign leasing companies have been severely affected after they were unable to recover their planes stranded in Russia. More than 400 planes from Western airlines are currently stranded in Russia. The value of these planes is almost 10 billion USD.

On Friday, Aeroflot told Reuters it had bought eight Airbus A330s from foreign leasing companies. The acquisition could be an attempt to maintain relationships with landlords. There is an exemption from EU sanctions against Russia in respect of aircraft leasing. This exemption involves purchase at the end of the lease.

In conclusion, Aeroflot was able to purchase the aircraft after the conclusion of the existing leases.

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