Aeroflot will pay compensation to all passengers on SU1492 flight

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On 5 May 2019, a Sukhoi Superjet 100 Aeroflot aircraft was involved in a tragic accident. The aircraft was supposed to fly to Murmansk on SU1492 flight.

The plane caught fire following a violent landing on the runway of Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow.

As a result of the accident, 41 people (including children) lost their lives, and 37 people survived. Onboard were 73 passengers and 5 crew members.

Aeroflot will pay damages

According to TASS, Aeroflot will pay compensation to all passengers on SU1492 flight. 1 million rubles ($ 15.320) will be paid to every passenger who did not need hospitalization.

Two million rubles ($ 30.640) will be paid to each hospitalized passenger. The families of the deceased will receive 5 million rubles ($ 76.600). In a summary calculation, Aeroflot will pay damages totaling about 250 million rubles.

The investigation is ongoing and research is being carried out in several directions. The investigators interrogate the personnel on board, the Aeroflot officials, the airport officials, witnesses, persons from the intervention device, etc. There is a suspicion of a breach of air safety rules.

At the same time, investigators will analyze the black boxes of the plane, looking for clues to determine exactly the causes of the accident. It must be established what prompted the pilots to request a return to Moscow. The landing is investigated, which led to the fire. The evacuation of the aircraft is analyzed.

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