Aeroitalia - a new airline in Italy

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Within a year, Italy will have two new airlines. We know about ITA Airways. But what do we know about Aeroitalia? Italy will soon have another airline. Aeroitalia will take off in the near future. Today, let's take a look at the latest news about this airline.

In recent days, a photo with an aircraft in Aeroitalia livery has started circulating. From the picture, we can see that it is a Boeing 737-800 (9H-CRI) registered in Malta. The aircraft also flew in the fleets of South African Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Macquarie AirFinance and Blue Panorama Airlines.

The aircraft operated more than 40 flights in approximately 000 flight cycles, as of December 26, 000. According to information in the Italian press, the new airline will be launched in the second half of 31. It will own six aircraft. Boeing 2021-2022.

It is possible that Aeroitalia wants a new company under the Italian flag. The new livery has elements in common with the late Alitalia. In addition to the name, the new image also reminds us of the old Alitalia "Tricolore" image, which also had a green cheatline line.

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