2016 AEROMANIA, for 10 years at Tuzla Airport

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On 2 July 2016, AEROMANIA celebrates ten years. The aeronautical event will take place at Tuzla Airport. The aviation show is organized exclusively from private funds by the Regional Aviation Promotion Association and Regional Air Services. Over 60 of companies and non-profit organizations have set their sights on organizing AEROMANIA 2016.


AEROMANIA 2016 will start at 15.oo and will last until almost 22:00. The air show depends on the weather conditions. There will also be a reserve day - Sunday, July 3, 2016. Public entry is free, while in the VIP area access is based on tickets.


The edition with number ten keeps the standard that the public has become accustomed to. The air and ground show is provided by world-renowned acrobatics pilots, Romanians and foreigners. Live music concerts, aviation stands, vintage car exhibitions and photography will not be missing. The organizers also set up food-court and children's play areas.

For eight hours, some of the most talented acrobatic pilots in the world will perform aerial demonstrations. In this select entourage, Regional Air Services - Tuzla Airport officially launches the first private aviation acrobatics school in Romania.

Part of the Regional Air School, acrobatics courses were authorized in 25 plus 2016, and the aircraft used for training is EXTRA 200.

The Acrobatic Yachts also celebrate 10 years since their debut as the first private acrobatics band in the country, a debut that took place at Tuzla Airport.

The Lithuanian Jurgis Kairys, multiple European and world acrobatic champion, is not missing from this important edition. The figures he created - "Kairys' Wheel" and "Little Loop" will keep their eyes on the sky again this year.

Nicolae “Mami” Mihăiță, a legend among the Romanian aviators, is an important presence at AEROMANIA. For over 60 years, planorism is for him a "drug" which he cannot miss. He is used to the podium of the winners. At the age of 80, he is the oldest Romanian pilot still flying.

Hawks of Romania, representatives of our country for international aviation events and competitions, the Blue Wings skydiving team, as well as the 2 White Wings gliding group from the Romanian Air Force will color the event.

The military demonstrations with airplanes and helicopters from the fleet of Naval and Romanian Air Forces complete the program. The General Staff of the Air Force participates with a group of three MIG 21 Lancer and three YAR 330 Puma units. In turn, the General Staff of the Naval Forces is competing with three YAR 330 Puma units. It will be an exercise about the quick insertion and extraction of a group of eight military.

During this action, individual weaponry will be used and maneuvered with ammunition. The second action will show the public how to lower the rescuer and lift a wound with the winch, using the rescue card.

The minting will end with the traditional aviation-pyrotechnic number supported by Air Bandits, a group that includes Jurgis Kairys, Ioan Postolache, Dan Stefannescu and Dan Conderman. The "robbery hunt" between the three acrobatic Jacks and Jurgis Kairys simulates a spectacular aerial battle scene.

The unconventional atmosphere of the garden party comes with an offer not to be missed: from beer, barbecue, to raw vegan specialties. Aeromania is also a culinary holiday. The 9 canteen prepares the little ones, Transylvanian sausages, pork neck and the appetizing smoked ribs, along with which the most suitable drink is cold beer, plenty. The snack room complements the energizing atmosphere and brings color and vitamins into the raw vegan dishes.

In the VIP lodge some of the most delicious wines will be tasted, and the specialists from Kfea.ro will take care with espresso and cappuccino so that the atmosphere does not relax too much.

Rock, pop and folk music will accompany the air show. Among those who will take the stage AEROMANIA and will perform live concerts are the bands Zdob and Zdub, ROCK and Mihai Mărgineanu.

There will also be an exhibition of vintage cars from Retromobil, where 25 collection cars will be exhibited.

Among the surprises this year is an interactive moment offered at the opening of the aviation rally by the Elpis ensemble. The mutual sympathy between the Hellenic community and the aviators may be surprised by photographers and journalists from 14.oo. The traditional Greek costumes will mix, in dance (more or less acrobatic), with those of pilots.

The photography competition is already a tradition. Entries are made by completing a form that can be downloaded from the Facebook page RAS Tuzla Airport or AEROMANIA, or can be picked up from the airport offices or requested at the address [email protected]. The images are sent by e-mail, at the address [email protected], and the prizes consist of flights by plane.

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